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    New Custom Stuff


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    New Custom Stuff

    Post  Ace on Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:56 pm

    DreamStory New Custom FM:

    Guild Quest Npc:

    "Hello, I'm the manger for your guild! You can do quest for your guild and earn guild point for guild event only! I also help give guild member, secret maps in which you can train and level faster, but you can only enter maps that have the right level for you. and it only for players with custom Wz files!"

    "Well done you have earn ______ guild points! You may check the board to see if your guild has ranked up! I will now warp you back to the guild room!"
    Guild Quest:

    Pirates attack!
    "Pirates have attacked Harmony Dimensions! Please go over to Harmony Dimensions and check up what the pirates are doing and report back! Go to the guild warper and give him this.

    "Welcome back! (you explain that that pirates were looking for the hidden chest that can max there power by 999 of there own power) Did you stop them? ( no one of them got away from me with a map ) I see well thanks for your report and here are some guild points!

    Mario needs help!
    "Mario was gone to do work and now he is asking you to watch over his place. Please go and protect Mario's world! Go talk to the warper and give him this then head to Mario World!"

    Guild Quest Pic:

    Harmony Dimensions

    Boss Battle

    Mario World

    Boys Only Relaxing Room v2.0

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