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    Admin Commands
    !addcommand - Adds a new command to SQL!
    !ownuser [user] - Mutes and Sets [user]'s GM level to 1 and disables EXP.
    !pmob [mobid] [mobtime] - Permanently creats a mob at that point.
    !pnpc [npc] - Permanently creates a npc at that spot.
    !sql [command] - Does an ingame SQL Command.
    !shutdown [minutes] - Shuts down server.
    !shutdownnow - Shuts the server down immediately.
    Super Commands

    For characters with a GM level of 4 or higher.

    !checkkarma [user] - Check karma of the user.
    !dcall - Disconnects everyone in the server.
    !horntail - Spawns Horntail.
    !givedonatorpoint [user] [num] - Gives [user] [num] donator points.
    !npc [npcid] - Spawns a NPC [npcid].
    !removenpcs [npc arraylist] - Removes every npc in [npc arraylist].
    !ringme [ringid] [user] - Gives self a ring with [user].
    !sex [user] [type] [message] - Sends a Smega for [User] with the message [message].
    !speak [user] [message] - Makes [user] say [message].
    !unban [userid] - Unbans [user]'s IP and account.
    !zakum - Spawns Zakum.

    GM Commands

    For characters with a GM Level of 3 or higher.

    !anego - Spawns Anego.
    !balrog - Spawns Balrogs.
    !bird - Spawns Phoenix and Freezer.
    !blackcrow - Spawns Black Crow.
    !bob - Spawns Bob the Snail.
    !centipede - Spawns Centipede.
    !clone - Spawns Clone Bosses.
    !coke - Spawns Coke Monsters.
    !ergoth - Spawns Ergoth.
    !franken - Spawns Frankensteins.
    !horseman - Spawns Headless Horseman.
    !leafreboss - Spawns Bosses of Leafre.
    !loki - Spawns Loki Box.
    !ludimini - Spawns Minibosses.
    !mushmom - Spawns Mushmoms.
    !nx - Spawns 10 NX Slimes.
    !pap - Spawns Papulatus.
    !papapixie - Spawns Papa Pixie.
    !pianus - Spawns Pianus.
    !pirate - Spawns Pirates.
    !snackbar - Spawns Snack Bar.
    !theboss - Spawns The Boss.

    !str [number] - Sets [number] as str.
    !dex [number] - Sets [number] as dex.
    !luk [number] - Sets [number] as int.
    !int [number] - Sets [number] as luk.
    !ap [number] - Sets [number] as ap.
    !sp [number] - Sets [number] as sp.
    !allocate [stat] [num] - Add [num] to the stat [stat].
    !exp [number] - Sets [number] as exp.
    !god - Sets Hit-Godmode.
    !level [number] - Sets [number] as level.
    !maxall - Maxes stats.
    !setall [number] - Sets Str/Dex/Int/Luk as [number].

    !exprate [num] - Sets exp rate as [num].
    !mesorate [num] - Sets meso rate as [num].
    !droprate [num] - Sets drop rate as [num].
    !bossdroprate [num] - Sets boss drop rate as [num].
    !petexprate [num] - Sets pet exp rate to [num].
    !mountexprate [num] - Sets mount exp rate to [num].
    !shopmesorate [num] - Sets shop meso rate to [num].

    !giftnx [user] [amount] - Gifts [user] [amount] nx.
    !healperson [user] - Heals [user].
    !healmap - Heals the whole map.
    !hurt [name] - Sets HP/MP of name to 1.
    !jobperson [person] [jobid] - Gives [person] job with jobid [jobid].
    !kill [user] - Kills [user].
    !killeveryone - Kills everyone in the server.
    !killmap - Kills everyone in your map.
    !levelperson [user] [level] - Set's [user] to level [level].
    !lolhaha [user] - Switches the gender of [user].
    !mesoperson [user] [mesos] - Gives [user] [mesos] mesos.
    !mute [person] - Mutes the person
    !slap [person] [damage] - Slaps [person] with [damage] damage.
    !warphere [user] - Warps [user] to your map.
    !warpmap [map] - warps everyone in your map to [map].
    !karma [up/down] [victim] - Raises or drops the karma of a user.

    !chattype - Switches your GM white chat to black, or vice-versa.
    !fakechar [num] - Creates a clone of you [num] times.
    !fame - Sets your fame to [number].
    !heal - Heals you to max.
    !job [jobid] - Changes your job to [job].
    !levelup - Levels you up.
    !maxall - Maxes all your stats.
    !mesos [number] - Adds [number] mesos to your account.
    !skill [skill] [level] - Gives you [skill] at level [level].
    !warp [mapid] [portal] - Warps you to [mapid] and portal [portal].

    !ban [user] [reason] - Ban [user].
    !dc [user] - Disconnects [user].
    !getnamebyid [id] - Gets the name of a user with id [id].
    !jail [jailnum] [user] - Jails [user].
    !unjail [user] - Sends [user] to Henesys.

    !gmchat - Enables or disables GM Chat.
    !gmsg [message] - Sends all GMs [message].
    !mute [type] [user] - Mutes [user]'s [type] of chat (ex: smega, whisper).
    !notice [message] - Sends a notice to the whole server.
    !removebot - Removes the Server Bot.
    !say [message] - Say a message to the whole server.
    !servermessage [message] - Changes the world message.

    !drop [id] [amount] - Drops item with id [id] and amount [amount].
    !droprandomstatitem [id] - Drops item [id] with random stats.
    !id [name] - Searches IDs.
    !item [id] [amount] - Gains item with id [id] and amount [amount].

    !charinfo [user] - Gets Character info.
    !connected - Shows how many people are connected to the server.
    !pos - Shows your position in your map.
    !whereami - Shows what map you are in.
    !whosthere - Shows who's in the map.

    !cancelBuffs [user] - Cancels buffs of [user].
    !cleardrops - Clears all drops on the map.
    !clock [time] - Creates a clock with time limit [time].
    !fakerelog - Fake relogs your character.
    !event - Starts an event in your map.
    !killall - Kill all monsters in the map.
    !killallmany - Kill all the monsters in your map and others' maps.
    !openshop [shop] - Opens a shop with id [shop].
    !saveall - Saves the server.
    !showMonsterID [mob] - Shows monster id of [mob].
    !spawn [mob] [amount] - Spawns [amount] of monster [mob].

    Intern Commands

    Only available for GM Level of 2 or higher.

    !glimmer - Opens a shop that sells NLC items.
    !gmshop - Opens the GM Shop.
    !maple - Opens a shop that sells maple items.
    !misc - Opens a shop with chairs, gloves and rare items.
    !sbag - Opens the summon bag shop.
    !scroll - Opens the scroll shop.
    !cheaters - Shows the cheaters in the server.
    !map [mapid] - Warps you to [mapid].

    Donator Commands

    Only available for GM level of 1 or higher.

    !buffme - Gives you a variety of buffs.
    !online - Shows how many people are online.
    !goto [map] - Go to [map].

    Player Commands
    @bot - Helps you with the server bot.
    @checkkarma - Shows how much karma you have.
    @credits - Shows Credits.
    @dispose - Use if you're stuck.
    @emo - Kill yourself.
    @expfix - This resets your exp to 0.
    @fmnpc - Opens Shanks.
    @help - This shows all the player commands.
    @karma [raise/drop] [user] - Raises or drops [user's] karma (costs 1 karma to do, 40 needed to use command)
    @rebirth - Does Reborn/Rebirth at level 200+.
    @save - Saves your data.
    @str [num] - Adds [num] str.
    @dex [num] - Adds [num] dex.
    @int [num] - Adds [num] int.
    @luk [num] - Adds [num] luk.
    @version - Shows Version.
    @warphere [player] - Warps [player] to your map, need 5 karma to use.

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