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Welcome to DreamStory Where all your dreams come true!

Server is up!!!!! yay!. Have any question? Ask our owner and co owners David, Zach, Tan, and Roger-- Zach
Check out the forum about v83!!!!!! All you need to know is there! Download - Maybe V83 - And done! Have a Nice day.

    How to Join DreamStory!



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    How to Join DreamStory!

    Post  Ace on Fri Mar 04, 2011 3:26 am

    So you want to join Dreamstory?
    Follow the step to gain access to our servers.
    (Note: Dreamstory is a custom server so you'll need custom wz files so you don't dc and that why we have a patcher instead of a client cause the client is already in the patcher)

    1. Download all the files.
    DreamStory Client/Patcher: DreamStory Client Download
    MapleStory v75: MapleStory v75 Client

    2.Extract Maplestory v75 folder on to the desktop.

    3.Run Dreamstory Patcher and select where you put the maplestory v75 folder is then install.

    4.Run Hamachi and install it.

    5.Power on Hamachi click join network and enter one of these.
    NetWork: DreamStoryserver1 Pass: 123
    NetWork: DreamStoryserver2 Pass: 123
    NetWork: DreamStoryserver3 Pass: 123
    NetWork: DreamStoryserver4 Pass: 123
    NetWork: DreamStoryserver5 Pass: 123
    NetWork: DreamStoryserver5 Pass: 123

    6.Then go back to Maplestory v75 folder and click DreamStory v75 and run the client.

    7.It's AutoRegister so what ever username and passwrod you type it will make it in our database.

    8.Have fun, make new friends, and relax like it was a dream.

    How to play Dreamstory v83 Beta!

    Maplestory v83 Client: Download Link 1Download Link 2
    Dreamstory Client: Coming soon
    Hamachi: Download Hamachi

    2. Run and click install Maplestory v83. (select destination on the desktop)

    3. Then Drag Dreamstory client into the Maplestory v83 folder.

    4. Run the client and there your in!

    [Read Important] Server Change to v83
    [Read Important] What is Dreamstory?
    [Fun] New Custom Stuff

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