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    SpHunter GM App



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    SpHunter GM App

    Post  SpHunter on Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:18 am

    Name: Dustin To




    Time zone/Where do you live? PST/ Los Angeles, California

    E-Mail/Anyway of contacting you: dto1006@hotmail.com

    Msn(if you have one) dto1006@hotmail.com

    How active will you be(hours per day)? 1hr

    Experience: GM level 5 - PandaStory
    Have you ever been a GM in another server? If so List them here. (Don’t lie because we DO check.):

    Reason why you are applying: I am an experience GM and I heard this was a great private server to join.

    What can you do to help the server?
    I can recruit more players to play.
    Host daily events and improve some to make it fun for the players.

    Why should we choose you?
    Explain yourself, (Summary of yourself): I am an eighth grader that just studies, play games, talk to friends (such as Tan and Zach), tennis, soccer, eat, and sleep.

    I want to be a GM because I want to re-experience being a GM.

    What qualities do you think you have to be a gm(don't say like oh im nice, i like to help others, and don't say your experience as a gm)?
    I respect others, I keep my promises, and I want others to have a great time.

    What is a Gm's job?
    A Gm's job is to help normal players have a fun time, teach them how to play, and to show the players that this is a friendly community.

    How many people will u recruit once your a Gm?
    As much as possible.

    How are you going to recruit them?
    By convincing them to play, advertise.

    Are you going to stick with your promise?
    I will try my best to gain more players, but I can't guarantee that all will join.

    Do you know the players/staff well enough to be chosen? Do you really know them, or did you just say hi. If the second one DELETE THIS APP NOW.
    I know Tan and Zachary in real life. (Cousins)

    How long have you been playing on this server? (same as below)
    2-3 days

    Do you think it is long enough to be a Gm?(for people who first played this server and are applying you can say yes)
    No, I don't think people who just played should apply unless they are experienced Gms or mentally mature.

    Are you of the age that is required to apply(if no you might as well delete this app now)(Minimum Age 13): Yes.

    What level of gm are you look for? (Level 5.4,3,2,1) I'm applying for level 3-4 gm.

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